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Thank you for purchasing The Anxiety Toolkit: 96 Ways to Help Your Child Calm Their Worries! (If you landed here, but haven’t grabbed your own Anxiety Toolkit card deck, go order a copy now — I’ll wait!)

The strategies in this card deck have been tested over several years. Sometimes they work with one kiddo in one situation, and sometimes they don’t. The whole reason we need to help our children build a toolkit of resources and strategies from which to pull is because different stressors call for different solutions. 

Flip through the cards with your kiddos, try the activities when they’re calm so that you all know what to do when they’re not, and breathe… you’ve got this. You’re the perfect parent for your amazing child.

When you’re ready, take a look at the links, articles, and books on this site. It’s like a crash course in childhood anxiety at your fingertips. And, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need specific support that’s not listed here. Send a voice mail or message to me using the contact page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Anxiety Reflections


Posts About Anxiety, Worry, and Perfectionism

Anxiety, worry, and perfectionism are frequent topics and struggles among parents of differently-wired kids. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources, posts, and encouragement to be found right here at Raising Lifelong Learners. Check out some of these:

Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety

The Lies Anxiety Tells You

When Anxiety Looks Like Anger

Anxiety in Quirky Kids – a Live Conversation with My 8-year-old

The Anxious Parent of the Anxious Child | Using Social Stories

The Anxious Parent of the Anxious Child | The Guilt of Passing it On

When You Just Aren’t Comfortable Getting Help for Your Child

Homeschool Testing | Helping Your Perfectionist Do Hard Things

Homeschooling Because of Mental Illness

Books to Help Kids Who Worry

Managing Perfectionism: 10 Tips for Helping Your Child

Games to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness

Great Gifts for Kids With Anxiety

Traveling With Kids Who Struggle with Anxiety

Homeschooling Through Anxiety With Time4Learning

Facebook Live Discussion | More About Anxiety

Facebook Live Discussion | Anxiety and Gifted/2E Kids


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Posts About Intensity 

If you had to describe these kids of ours in one word, I think “intense” would sum them up quite nicely. Parenting an intense, child, is not so easily wrapped up. Check out these posts where we discuss the struggles of raising intense kids and share insight and tips into just how to manage their emotions:

What is an Intense Child?

Your Family and the Intense Child

Helping Your Intense Child Regulate Emotions Easily

Black History Month and Your Emotionally Intense Child

Books to Help Kids Learn About Anger

The Holidays and Your Intense Child

Socialization and Your Gifted or Intense Child

Discipline and Your Intense Child

Games to Help Kids Control Their Anger

Intensity Resource Page

Navigating Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Kids

Let’s Talk About Emotional Overexcitability

Giftedness & Intensity


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Podcasts About Anxiety, Worry, Perfectionism, and Intensity

If you’re not yet a subscriber to my podcast, get started on these episodes featuring topics we all face when parenting anxious kids:

Episode 24: Asynchrony, Intensity, and Motivation 

Episode 49: Reflections About Anxiety

Episode 52: Overcoming Perfectionism and Finding Joy in Homeschooling

Episode 55: Helping Your Child Manage Perfectionism

Episode 56: Discipline and Your Intense Child



Books for Anxious Kids and Teens

From workbooks to picture books, simple readers for young worriers to deep guides for teens, there is something to be found for every anxious kid in this collection of books about anxiety:





Books for Parents of Anxious Kids

It’s not always easy to know what to do when your child is suffering from anxiety, or even easy to understand the anxiety itself. These books are excellent tools for parents to help equip themselves and advocate for their anxious children:





Raising Lifelong Learners Resources

In addition to the deck of cards, check out these other anxiety resources available to purchase in my shop:

Talk – Never Good Enough: How Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Fear are Holding Back Your Child and What to Do About It 

Living With Intensity | A Learn-at-Home Workshop


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Additional Anxiety Resources

There is a lot of great information, content, and personal experience being shared out there. Check out some of my favorite anxiety-related resources from around the web:

You’re Probably Wrong About Anxiety 

Anxiety posts from My Little Poppies

Anxiety posts from Different by Design Learning

Parenting Chaos by Shawna Wingert

Managing an Anxious Child: Where to Start

What to Do (and Not Do) When Children Are Anxious

Your Child’s Anxiety: When to Worry, When to Relax

Anxiety Symptoms in Children

4 Ways to Support Gifted Children With Anxiety

Management of Anxiety Begins at Home

Understanding the Link Between Empathy and Anxiety in Gifted Children

The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Children With Anxiety