The Anxiety Toolkit


When children struggle with anxiety, it can manifest itself in a variety of ways — anger, withdrawal, depression, avoidance, and everything in between. Parents and caregivers need a collection of strategies — tools to have at their disposal — to help their favorite kids in the moment when they’re struggling.
The Anxiety Toolkit is the result of years of talking with parents about the ways in which they help their kiddos manage their anxiety, research-based strategies, and her Colleen’s own experience in parenting children with anxiety. Overwhelmingly, parents have expressed the need to have the tools and strategies at their fingertips — in a format they can pull out and use in the moment they need it.
And so, The Anxiety Toolkit: 96 Ways to Help Your Child Calm Their Worries was created. It’s made of the exact same materials as a deck of poker cards so it’s durable, meant to be used, shuffled, and manipulated again and again. To make it super easy to pull out and find the strategy you need, the categories are color-coded and collected on a ring for portability and durability.
If your kiddo struggles with anxiety, you’ll want to grab a deck (or two) to have everywhere you go — in your home, your purse, and at the grandparent’s house. Talk through the strategies with your kiddos, and find the ones that work best for you.


The Anxiety Toolkit contains a few surprise fidget toys to use in your kiddo’s calm down corner and a deck of cards divided into the following four categories:
  • TAMING ANXIETY AT HOME: More involved ideas for when you’re at home
  • MANAGING WORRY WHEN OUT AND ABOUT: Quick things to do when out in public
  • CALMING FEARS AT BEDTIME: Help your child fall asleep worry-free
  • MINDFULNESS STRATEGIES: Ideas to help your child self-regulate


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