Finding Peace in a Life Filled with Intensity


While not all gifted kids exhibit what Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski called overexcitabilities, they are more prevalent among the gifted population than any other. Gifted children and adults may possess one or more of these, and see reality differently. They tend to experience the world in a stronger and more multifaceted way than others. One of the most difficult challenges to overcome, though, is the belief that these intensities need to be cured. Experiencing the world this way can be very frustrating for a kid, but it can also be very rewarding. Learn how to help harness it and lead to peace, success, innovation, and wonderful creativity in your home.


Finding Peace in a Life Filled with Intensity

You’ll get…
  • An MP3 download of the talk, The Different Faces of Giftedness: Understanding Your Child recorded live at the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC.
  • PDF downloadable copy of the accompanying slides.
  • PDF downloadable printable mentioned in the talk. 


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