Masterclass | Raising Resilient Families


Families are strong when they can weather storms together and cultivate a “bounce-back” attitude in their family culture. This characteristic of resiliency has a far-reaching impact on the success and emotional stability of all members — kids and adults alike.

Note: This masterclass took place on December 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.ET. You’ll get immediate access to the class page in your account dashboard under the tab labeled “memberships” where you can access the replay and the handout right away. You’ll have unlimited access to the replay, handouts, and transcripts.



Masterclass | Raising Resilient Families

You want your kids to bounce back when things get tough, understand that there’s an opportunity to learn from all experiences, and to be able to understand that others come to the table with different perspectives and that it is okay to disagree and learn from one another… but how? 

In this masterclass, we talk about ways to help our kids:

  • talk about their emotions.
  • use empathetic listening skills.
  • nurture their relationships with others.
  • go through life with a bounce-back attitude.
  • approach problems with a growth mindest. 

You’ll walk away from this class with ideas you can implement right away to help your child — toddler to teen — build their resiliency.


You’ll get…

  • REPLAY ACCESS to the LIVE masterclass that took place on Wednesday December 16, 2020 including all content and all Q&A time. (You’ll need to follow the link on your “member” page to access the searchable video and your handouts.)
  • PDF downloadable handout to help you focus, follow along, and take notes on the content of the masterclass. 
  • A searchable version of the replay where you can search specific sections of the class you’d like to replay, to be posted within 24 hours after the class ends.
  • A downloadable transcript and MP3.


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