Quests for Curious Kids | Learning About Pi and Pi Day


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Printable PDF for Homeschool Fun


Product Overview:

Have some Pi Day fun while keeping it educational! This downloadable PDF is a fantastic addition to your curriculum, offering a fun and interactive way for your kids to challenge themselves to think creatively and critically and to enjoy some Pi Day fun at the same time.


Target Grade Level:

Ideal for late elementary and middle school students, though older kids may enjoy it, too.


Subjects Covered:

Quests for Curious Kids include STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities, history, language arts, along with problem-solving, creative thinking, and critical thinking, too!


Printable Formats:

Available as a high-quality PDF, Quests for Curious Kids are easily downloadable, printable, and accessible from home. No need for special software—just print and play! Note: You may want to print on cardstock or heavy paper and laminate for durability.


Learning Objectives:

– Expand STEM skills.

– Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through creative thinking exercises.

– Foster a love of learning in a playful, integrative, and interactive way.


Sample Pages:



Your purchase includes unlimited access to the printable pages for your homeschooling needs. The purchase includes a single-user license for your household, providing endless opportunities for multi-subject exploration and family fun.



“What a great idea! I love when I can pull in several subjects all at once and explore a topic like this with all my kids. I can’t wait to download more Quests!” – Jess


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