Kids’ Gratitude Journal


When our kids know how to keep positive things in front of their minds, they’ll build resilience and become happier people. This gratitude journal for kids is a space for them to write those things down and practice finding reasons to be positive and things to be grateful for.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be about big things. It can be for small everyday events. It is all about appreciating the things around you rather than taking them all for granted. This journal helps kids find those small things to be grateful for every day.


This downloadable gratitude journal contains 15 weeks of activities and prompts including:

  • daily gratitude check-in.
  • weekly gratitude activity.
  • inspiring quotes.
  • weekly coloring sheets.
  • writing prompts.
  • drawing prompts.
  • weekly reflection.
  • mazes and sodoku puzzles.

You’ll get over 200 interactive pages for your child to work through, and can reprint the journal as needed for additional children or every 15 weeks to keep the habit of gratitude going. 


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