Homeschooling Your Gifted and Special Needs Child | Get Started


You’ve invested hours researching, curriculum shopping, reading, and scouring the internet to learn all you can about homeschooling gifted, twice-exceptional, and otherwise differently-wired children, now you and your kids deserve to have a blast learning together.

With a little bit of planning and loads of encouragement from other parents in the trenches homeschooling differently-wired children, you will develop your own road map to homeschooling success, be more relaxed in your approach, and build confidence to learn alongside your kiddos.

Are you ready to get started?


One part course, one part group mentorship, with a bit of homeschool coaching thrown in for good measure, Homeschooling Your Gifted and Special Needs Child | Get Started is a perfect recipe to get you on track for the best homeschool year yet.

Learn how to become a student of your child so that you can pinpoint how he/she learns best.

Tease out — and identify — your homeschooling ‘why’ so that you remember what this is all for when times get tough.

Find out how to choose and design the perfect curriculum when those “boxed” programs just don’t seem to fit the asynchrony you live with on a day to day basis.

Get tips on how to avoid discouragement and keep advocating for yourself and your child when it seems like you’ll never find anyone who truly “gets” your differently-wired kiddos.

Learn how to find or create the perfect tribe of support for yourself and your kids (hint: it might not be easy or local, and that’s okay).

Build your own method of planning, record keeping, and forming routines that will take you all the way through homeschooling your differently-wired kiddo through high school.

Gain confidence in your own assessment of your child’s unique and individual needs, and the knowledge that you are the perfect parent for your perfectly imperfect child.

Know that you CAN do this and that we’re all right there with you to help you along the way.


What You Get:

>> A printable workbook that takes you step-by-step towards creating a plan to create the homeschool of your dreams.

>>Forms, organizers, and bonus materials to keep you focused and moving forward.

>>Seven video lessons to help you get to the heart of what’s keeping you from success and make important changes.

>>Dig deep into topics like why should you homeschool your differently-wired kiddo, how to channel intensity for good, dealing with asynchrony, and more!

>>A private Facebook group of like-minded moms holding you accountable on your journey towards relaxed homeschooler.

>>A chance to ask questions of Colleen and the team — and get them answered quickly!


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