Inspiring Creativity in Kids

Creativity is the best and most natural form of self-expression in kids. For children, the process of creating and imagining is way more important than the product or end result.

airplane pilot


Being creative, and allowing creativity – even setting up prompts and opportunities for creative expression – nurtures a person’s whole self. Children who are encouraged to create become more self-aware, confident, and are active problem solvers as adults.

If you’re looking for great ways to encourage creative thinking in your child, you’re in luck. My new book, Raising Creative Kids: A Collection of Simple Creative Prompts for Children is jam-packed with more than 70 pages of creativity starters and activity prompts, already created for you.

Throughout this site, you’ll find more ways to inspire creativity in your kids. Click around and check out some of my favorite posts and activity ideas that are NOT included in the book.

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